Monterey's Merritt House Adobe and Garden

This 1830 two-story adobe has an imposing appearance due to the balcony across the front with its low railing and the three colonial-type pillars. The outside stairway, permitting access to the second floor, is typical of that early period. Map.

The Merritt family was influential in the political affairs of Monterey County in the second half of the 19th century. The adobe became their property in 1852 when the owner defaulted on a mortgage and Jauna Castro Merritt, wife of Josiah Merritt and daughter of the prominent Simeon Castro family, was its successful bidder. Josiah, a lawyer, came to Monterey in 1829 and, with statehood, became the first Monterey County Judge.

In recent years, the Merritt House has been used for various businesses and professional offices. It is now part of a hotel complex.

Location: 386 Pacific Street

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