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Several hundred links on Monterey County, California

John Steinbeck's Pacific Grove. A wonderfully illustrated look at Steinbeck's Pacific Grove; includes a driving tour and information on Doc Ricketts.

Monterey Bay Online. The Culture and History section contains links to a variety of other useful sites.

The California Rodeo, featuring both history and current information.

Coyote Press, offering thousands of books and reprints, including many on California's Central Coast., a website with lots of information on the Indians and archaeology of California!

Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital. An extensive website assembled by Greg Krenzelok dealing with the Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital. That facility was built originally to service the 1,400 horses of the 76th Field Artillery Regiment that had moved from the Presidio of Monterey to a tent camp on Camp Clayton, which in 1940 became Fort Ord.

Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, based in Santa Clara County, California, was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization to promote and preserve Chinese American and Chinese history and culture through community outreach activities.

Santa Cruz Public Libraries Local History Site. A good collection of articles and photographs.

University of California, Santa Cruz, University Library Regional History Project. The Regional History Project has been using oral history to document the history of the Central Coast of California and the institutional history of UC Santa Cruz since 1963. This site includes the complete catalog of their collection, a photo gallery of historical images of the Central Coast, oral history resources, and links to other oral history sites.

Walking Tour of Monterey State Historic Park. Brief information on a walking tour.

Monterey County Reference Books, genealogy files, and other information. A site sponsored by the California GenWeb Project dealing with Monterey County. Lots of good information!

Santa Cruz County Reference Books and other information. Sponsored by the California GenWeb Project.

San Benito County Reference Books and other information. Sponsored by the California GenWeb Project.

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