Monterey's House of Four Winds Adobe

La Casa de Los Cuatro Vientos has been so called since the mid-1800s, because it was the first house with a weathervane on its hipped roof. Built about 1835, it was originally part of the large piece of property developed by Thomas O. Larkin. It also enjoys the distinction of having been the first Hall of Records for the newly formed County of Monterey. Map.

One of the first groups to urge the preservation of Monterey's adobes was the Women's Civic Club, founded in 1906. The Club purchased the adobe in 1914 and developed it into a fine club house (believed to be the oldest club house in the U.S.) with additions to the rear. The original front section and second story have been restored and furnished in the spirit of the 1850s, its facade still serenely facing the street.

Location: 540 Calle Principal

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