Colton Hall

California's first Constitution was hammered out in ardent debate in Colton Hall in 1849. The beautiful second floor assembly hall has been restored to appear as when the 48 delegates of the first Constitution Convention met there. Map.

The hall was built in the 1840s by, and named for, the Reverend Walter Colton who came to Monterey as a chaplain on one of Commodore Sloat's vessels and remained to become Monterey's first alcalde. In collaboration with Robert Semple, he published the first newspaper in California on August 15, 1846.

The most important public office building in Monterey County to be in continuous use, Colton Hall has over the years been City Hall of Monterey, a public school, a county court house, sheriff's office, the Monterey city police department and has housed other city offices.

Expertly restored by the City of Monterey and the Colton Hall Museum Board in 1949, it is owned by the City of Monterey and maintained as a museum.

Location: Pacific Street between Jefferson and Madison

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